Acronym WDCM Number Collection Region
NAIMCC WDCM 1060 National Agriculturally Important Microbial Culture Collection Asia
NAIRUMSU WDCM 1160 Natural Antioxidant Innovation Research Unit, Department of Biotechnology, Faculty of Technology Asia
NBIMCC WDCM 135 National Bank for Industrial Microorganisms and Cell Cultures Europe
NBRC WDCM 825 NBRC Culture Collection Asia
NCAIM WDCM 485 National Collection of Agricultural and Industrial Microorganisms Europe
NCB WDCM 175 National Culture Bank Europe
NCC WDCM 856 Nantes Culture Collection Europe
NCC WDCM 985 NIZO culture collection Europe
NCCB WDCM 797 NCCB, the Netherlands Culture Collection of Bacteria (formerly LMD and Phabagen Collection) Europe
NCCP WDCM 852 National Culture Collection for Pathogens Asia
NCCP WDCM 1010 National Culture Collection of Pakistan Asia
NCCPF WDCM 1118 National Culture Collection of Pathogenic fungi Asia
NCDC WDCM 775 National Collection of Dairy Cultures Asia
NCIM WDCM 3 National Collection of Industrial Microorganisms Asia
NCIMB WDCM 653 National Collections of Industrial Food and Marine Bacteria (incorporating the NCFB) Europe
NCMA WDCM 2 Provasoli-Guillard National Center for Marine Algae and Microbiota America
NCPF WDCM 184 National Collection of Pathogenic Fungi Europe
NCPPB WDCM 126 National Collection of Plant Pathogenic Bacteria Europe
NCPV WDCM 814 National Collection of Pathogenic Viruses Europe
NCSC WDCM 664 National Center of Streptococcus Collection, Department of Microbiology, Faculty of Medical Science Asia
NCTC WDCM 154 National Collection of Type Cultures Europe
NCYC WDCM 169 National Collection of Yeast Cultures Europe
NEPCC WDCM 535 North East Pacific Culture Collection America
NFCCI WDCM 932 National Fungal Culture Collection of India Asia
NFCCP WDCM 864 National Fungal Culture Collection of Pakistan Asia
NFCCP WDCM 838 National Fungal Culture Collection Of Pakistan Asia
NGR WDCM 356 Plant Pathology Oceania
NIAH WDCM 638 National Institute of Animal Health Asia
NIBH WDCM 746 National Institute of Bioscience and Human-Technology Asia
NIBR WDCM 1116 National Institute of Biological Resources culture collection Asia
NIES WDCM 591 Microbial Culture Collection at National Institute for Environmental Studies Asia
NIFS-SLCC WDCM 1245 NIFS-Sri Lanka Culture Collection Asia
NIFSMC WDCM 1251 NIFS Micological Collection Asia
NIICC WDCM 961 NII Microbial Culture Collection Asia
NIVA CCA WDCM 498 NIVA Culture Collection of Algae Europe
NKA WDCM 416 Nationales Konsiliarlabor fur Adenoviren Europe
NKC WDCM 1078 NOUKOU culture collection Asia
NMCC WDCM 972 North Maharashtra Microbial Culture Collection Centre Asia
NMCCC WDCM 1229 North Macedonian Culture Collection of Cyanobacteria Europe
NML-HCCC WDCM 840 National Microbiology Laboratory Health Canada Culture Collections America
NoF WDCM 744 The Fungus Culture Collection of the Northern Forestry Centre America
NPP WDCM 801 N.P.P Europe
NPRC WDCM 1225 National Pathogen Resource Center, China Asia
NRIC WDCM 747 NODAI Research Institute Culture Collection Asia
NRL WDCM 350 Neisseria Reference Laboratory America
NRPSU WDCM 679 Department of Agro-industry, Faculty of Natural Resources Asia
NRRL WDCM 97 Agricultural Research Service Culture Collection America
NSCNFB WDCM 754 Novi Sad Collection of Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria Europe
NTCCI WDCM 107 Culture Collection, Microbiology and Cell Biology Laboratory Asia
NU WDCM 696 Department of Microbiology, Faculty of Science Asia
NUA WDCM 281 Department of Microbiology, National University of Athens Europe
NUSDM WDCM 568 Department of Microbiology Asia
NZFS WDCM 62 Forest Research Culture Collection Oceania
NZRD WDCM 318 New Zealand Reference Culture Collection of Microorganisms, Dairy Section Oceania
NZRM WDCM 457 New Zealand Reference Culture Collection, Medical Section Oceania