1. Collection
Registered Number 1059
Acronym UMACC
Full Name University of Malaya Algae Culture Collection
Institution Institute of Ocean and Earth Sciences (IOES), C308, Institute of Graduate Studies Building, University of Malaya, 50603, Malaysia.
Comment The University of Malaya Algae Culture Collection (UMACC) was initiated in 1987 and officially established in 1999. It comprises indigenous tropical microalgae as well as Arctic, Antarctic and sub-Antarctic strains. The collection supports research, teaching, as well as joint research with the industry. It is a small (around 250 strains) but actively used collection that serves research in algae biotechnology, especially in biofuel research.
2. Correspondent
Correspondent Prof. Siew-Moi Phang
Postal Address Jalan Pantai Baru,Kuala Lumpur,Federal Territory,50603
Country Malaysia
Telephone 1 (60) - 3-79674610
Telephone 2 (60) - 3 -79674640
Fax 1 (60) - 3 -79676994
E-mail 1 phang@um.edu.my
Homepage http://umalgae.atspace.com 
3. Status of the collection
Status University
4. Sponsors and budget
Sponsor Institute of Ocean and Earth Sciences, University of Malaya
5. Personnel
Director Prof. Siew-Moi Phang
Curator Prof. Siew-Moi Phang (Taxonomy, Biotechnology)
Dr. Emienour Muzalina Mustafa (Aquatic toxicology, Bioremediation)
Assoc. Prof. Po Teen Lim (Toxic algae)
Dr. Chui Pin Leaw (HArmful algae taxonomy)
Dr. Rangarao Ambati (Algal pigments)
Number of Staff Algology (5)
Assistants (3)
Computer specialist (1)
Total (9)
6. Main Subjects
Subjects Agriculture
Applied microbiology
Culture and preservation methods
Environmental protection
Food science
Genetic engineering
Industrial microbiology
Marine biology
Molecular biology
Systematics and taxonomy
Algae Biofuel
Algae Biophotovoltaics
7. Preservation
Method and category of cultures Subculturing(Microalgae)
Liquid N2(Microalgae)
Control of the culture Standard protocols for isolation, purification and culture
Taxonomic identification using standard references
Taxonomic confirmation by national and foreign experts
Deposit to your collection
to other collections in your country
Source(s) of strains for people in this country: isolated by or introduced from Isolation by ourselves
Personally from the scientists in our country
From the collections in our country
From the research institutions in our country
the collection abroadCCAP(UK)
the collection abroadCCMP(USA)
the collection abroadNIES(Japan)
Number of Strains until now Type Holding strains
(total number)/(number from your country)
new species
(total number)/(number from your country)
Microalgae 224 198
Number of strains last year Type Holding strains
(total number)/(number from your country)
new species
(total number)/(number from your country)
Microbes distributed
(total number)/(in your country)
Microalgae 218 192 0 0 0 0
8. Availability of Cultures
Availability free to Teaching only in Malaysia
exchange with Other culture collections
fee for US$60 per culture
Joint research with industry
9. Catalogue
Catalogue Publish your own catalogue
Published the first catalogue in 1999 year(s)
Plan to publish the 2nd edition in 2014
Number of Type Strains 0
Number of Patent Strains 0
Number of holdings published in catalogue 132
Number of Publications last year 3
Number of distributions Last year 0
10. Services
Services Patent deposits(Algal vaccine (patent filed - modified UMACC001))
Storage service(Microalgae (1 strain of Chlorella))
Training Culture and preservation methods
Consulation about Preservation
11. Entry and Update Dates
Date of Entry 2014-02-13
Date of Reply 2014-02-27