1. Collection
Registered Number 1129
Acronym FRIM-MCC
Full Name FRIM Microbial Culture Collection
Institution Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM)
ISO Standard ISO 9001:2008
Comment FRIM Microbial Culture Collection (FRIM-MCC) consists of approximately 12,000 life microbial cultures, derived from soil and other sources collected throughout Peninsular Malaysia since 2006 and cryopreserved in glycerol. Many of the microbes were isolated using proprietary methods and are unique to this collection with uncommon morphology and/or unusual origins such as mangrove sediments and metal-contaminated soils. The collection mainly represents different genera of Actinobacteria out of which a total of 6641 isolates have been studied and data documented. Some of the isolates have been screened against a limited number of antimicrobial, antiprotozoal and anticancer targets, and bioremediation potential. Thus, a relatively large number of isolates are virtually unexplored in other therapeutic or industrial applications.
2. Correspondent
Correspondent Dr. Getha Krishnasamy
Postal Address Jalan FRIM,Kepong,Selangor,52109
Country Malaysia
Telephone 1 603-62797000
Telephone 2 603-62797652
E-mail 1 getha@frim.gov.my
E-mail 2 gethakrishnasamy@gmail.com
3. Status of the collection
Status Governmental
4. Sponsors and budget
Sponsor Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM)
Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources (KeTSA), Malaysia
Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI), Malaysia
5. Personnel
Director Dr. Ismail Hj. Parlan
Curator Dr. Getha Krishnasamy (Microbial Biotechnology & Antimicrobials)
Number of Staff Cell biology (1)
Bacteriology (1)
Assistants (1)
Total (3)
6. Main Subjects
Subjects Applied microbiology
Industrial microbiology
Medical microbiology
Molecular biology
7. Preservation
Method and category of cultures Freezer(Cryopreservation (Actinobacteria, Bacteria))
Subculturing(Slants (Fungi))
Control of the culture 16S rRNA gene sequencing (bacteria)
Checking culture morphology
Checking culture activities
Deposit to other collections in your country
Source(s) of strains for people in this country: isolated by or introduced from Isolation by ourselves
Personally from the scientists in our country
From the research institutions in our country
Number of Strains until now Type Holding strains
(total number)/(number from your country)
new species
(total number)/(number from your country)
Bacteria 6641 6641
Fungi 1 1
Number of strains last year Type Holding strains
(total number)/(number from your country)
new species
(total number)/(number from your country)
Microbes distributed
(total number)/(in your country)
8. Availability of Cultures
Availability Research Collaboration (MoU/MoA)
Project-based fee
9. Catalogue
Catalogue Catalogue Computerized http://gcm.wfcc.info/1129
10. Services
Services Distribution(Culture Extracts in assay plate-format )
Identification(Bacteria (16S rDNA))
Other Service Project Consultation (Microbial Biotechnology)
Supervision of students (Post-graduate students)
Industrial training (Undergraduate students)
11. Entry and Update Dates
Date of Entry 2016-07-06
Date of Reply 2021-10-10