1. Collection
Registered Number 1205
Acronym WM
Full Name Westmead Medical Mycology Collection
Institution University of Sydney, Western Clinical School, Westmead Hopsital (REN)
2. Correspondent
Correspondent Prof. Wieland Meyer
Postal Address 176 Hawkesbury Road,Westmead/Sydney,NSW,2145
Country Australia
Telephone 1 (61) - 86273430
E-mail 1 wieland.meyer@sydney.edu.au
Homepage www.mycologylab.org 
3. Status of the collection
Status University
4. Sponsors and budget
Sponsor Sydney Western Local Health District (SWLHD)
National Helath and Medical Research Council (NH&MRC)
University of Sydney, Faculty of Medicine and Health
5. Personnel
Prof. Wieland Meyer
Curator Dr. Laszlo Irynyi (Molecular Mycologist)
Ms. Krystyna Maszewska (Mycology)
Mr. Alex Khan (Veterinarian)
Prof. Tania C. Sorrell (Infectious Diseases)
Prof. Sharon C.A. Chen (Infectious Diseases)
Dr. Catriona Haliday (Molecular Mycology)
Number of Staff Mycology (5)
Assistants (2)
Total (7)
6. Main Subjects
Subjects Culture and preservation methods
Medical microbiology
Molecular biology
Plant pathology
Systematics and taxonomy
7. Preservation
Method and category of cultures Freeze-dry(Fungi)
-80C Glycerol Cultures(Fungi)
Control of the culture Morphology
elongation factor 1 alpha sequencing
whole genome sequencing
DNA barcoding
ITS sequencing
Deposit to your collection
to other collections in your country
CBS(The Netherlands)
Source(s) of strains for people in this country: isolated by or introduced from Isolation by ourselves
Personally from the scientists in our country
From the collections in our country
From the research institutions in our country
the collection abroadCBS(The Netherlands)
the collection abroadATCC(USA)
the collection abroadCDC(USA)
the collection abroadFIOCRUZ(Brazil)
the research institution abroadCDC(USA)
the research institution abroadNIH(USA)
the research institution abroadFIOCRUZ(Brazil)
the research institution abroadChulalongkorn(Thailand)
the research institution abroadDuke University (USA)
Number of Strains until now Type Holding strains
(total number)/(number from your country)
new species
(total number)/(number from your country)
Fungi 5000 4550
Yeasts 10000 8000
Number of strains last year Type Holding strains
(total number)/(number from your country)
new species
(total number)/(number from your country)
Microbes distributed
(total number)/(in your country)
Fungi 50 50 200 200
Yeasts 150 150 560 560
9. Catalogue
Catalogue Local database (Biolomics)
10. Services
Services Storage service(Fungi, Yeasts)
Distribution(Fungi, Yeasts)
Identification(molecular identification via DUal fungal DNA barcoding )
11. Entry and Update Dates
Date of Entry 2019-05-23
Date of Reply 2019-05-23