1. Collection
Registered Number 879
Acronym LeishCryoBank
Full Name Biological Resource Centre for Leishmania
Institution Laboratoire de Parasitologie-Mycologie - CHU de Montpellier
Institution Photo
2. Correspondent
Correspondent Prof. Patrick BASTIEN
Postal Address 39, avenue Charles Flahault,Montpellier,Hérault,34295
Country France
Telephone 1 (33) 467-332350
Fax 1 (33) 467-332358
E-mail 1 Patrick.bastien@umontpellier.fr
Homepage http://www.parasitologie.univ-montp1.fr/catalogue_list.asp 
3. Status of the collection
Status Governmental
Academic Hospital
4. Sponsors and budget
Sponsor Sante Publique France
University of Montpellier
CHU of Montpellier
5. Personnel
Director Prof. Patrick Bastien
Curator Dr. Laurence Lachaud (Parasitology)
Dr. Christophe Ravel (Parasitology)
Dr. Yvon Sterkers (Parasitology)
Mr. Lami Patrick (Technician)
Number of Staff Protozoology (5)
Computer specialist (1)
Total (6)
6. Main Subjects
Subjects Medical microbiology
Systematics and taxonomy
Culture and preservation methods
7. Preservation
Method and category of cultures Liquid N2(Protozoa)
Control of the culture MALDI-TOF
RNA PolII gene sequencing
Multi Locus Séquence Analysis
Multi Locus Enzyme Electrophoresis
Deposit to your collection
Source(s) of strains for people in this country: isolated by or introduced from Isolation by ourselves
From the collections in our country
Number of Strains until now Type Holding strains
(total number)/(number from your country)
new species
(total number)/(number from your country)
Protozoa 6460 1282
Number of strains last year Type Holding strains
(total number)/(number from your country)
new species
(total number)/(number from your country)
Microbes distributed
(total number)/(in your country)
Protozoa 91 55 0 0 46 4
8. Availability of Cultures
Availability free to Collaborating Centers within network
fee for 50€ per strain if there is a collaboration
fee for 250€ per strain if there is no collaboration
Needs a formal MTA
9. Catalogue
Catalogue Publish your own catalogue
Published the first catalogue in 2003 year(s)
Catalogue Computerized http://www.parasitologie.univ-montp1.fr/catalogue_list.asp
10. Services
Services Identification(Leishmania species)
Training Culture and preservation methods
11. Entry and Update Dates
Date of Entry 2005-04-08
Date of Reply 2021-06-01