There are 19 collections in Africa

Acronym WDCM Number Collection Country
BDUZ WDCM 17 Biological Sciences Zimbabwe
CCASU WDCM 1186 Culture Collection Ain Shams university Egypt
CCMM WDCM 883 Moroccan Coordinated Collections of Microorganisms Morocco
CMENA WDCM 1211 PhytoENA-Meknès-Microorganisms Collection Morocco
CMW-IA WDCM 1253 Culture Collection of Innovation Africa at the University of Pretoria South Africa
EATRO WDCM 289 Uganda Trypanosomiasis Research Organization Uganda
EMCC WDCM 583 Egypt Microbial Culture Collection Egypt
MAO WDCM 53 Mircen Afrique Ouest Senegal
MAR WDCM 34 Grasslands Rhizobium Collection Zimbabwe
MCCEPU WDCM 1208 Microbial Culture Collection in Enzymology and Protein Chemistry Unit, Department of Biochemistry Nigeria
mf WDCM 1170 microbial factory Egypt
MLCC WDCM 1162 Microbiology Lab Culture Collection Egypt
MS ASU WDCM 1191 MS Microbiology Ain Shams Egypt
PPPPB WDCM 818 South African Plant Pathogenic and Plant Protecting Bacteria South Africa
PPRI WDCM 351 National Collections of Fungi: Culture Collection South Africa
SARCC WDCM 968 South African Rhizobium Culture Collection South Africa
SCUF WDCM 1180 Suez Canal University Fungarium Egypt
UCCM WDCM 652 University of Calabar Collection of Microorganisms Nigeria
VRLI WDCM 398 Department of Virology Nigeria