There are 300 collections in Asia

Acronym WDCM Number Collection Country
ABIR WDCM 1250 Acinetobacter Baumannii Isolates of Rasooli Iran
ABKMI WDCM 698 Department of Applied Biology, Faculty of science Thailand
ABRC WDCM 912 Anaerobic Bacterial Resource Centre India
ABRIICC WDCM 843 ABRIICC Agricultural Biotechnology Research Institute of Iran Culture collection Iran
ACC WDCM 1112 ABRII culture collection Iran
ACCC WDCM 572 Agricultural Culture Collection of China China
AGO WDCM 887 Arocrete Group Co., Chinese Taipei
AHNU WDCM 1174 Strains Collection of Affiliated Hospital of Nantong University, China China
AHU WDCM 635 AHU Culture Collection Japan
ALEC WDCM 1218 Algal Excellent Center Thailand
APSPC WDCM 1157 Oilseeds Research & Development Compnay (ORDC) Iran
ATU WDCM 636 Dept.of Biotechnology University of Tokyo Japan
BAB WDCM 1058 Bank A Bug India
BBESZJU WDCM 1190 bioremediation bacteria at environmental science zju China
BBPP WDCM 705 Bacteriology Branch, Plant Pathology and Microbiology Division, Department of Agricultural Science Thailand
BBRC WDCM 1053 BBRC culture collection Iran
BCC WDCM 783 BIOTEC Culture Collection Thailand
BCRC WDCM 59 Bioresource Collection and Research Center Chinese Taipei
BDU WDCM 976 National Facility for Marine Cyanobacteria India
BFMCC WDCM 863 Beijing Functional Microbiological Culture Collection Center China
BNUCC WDCM 1092 The University of Beijing Normal University Culture Collection China
BPPT-ESC WDCM 627 BPPT Ethanol-Single Cell Protein-Fructose Syrup Technical Unit Indonesia
BPUMS WDCM 1194 Bushehr University of Medical Sciences Iran
BSMB WDCM 491 Bacteriology and Soil Microbiology Branch Thailand
BT WDCM 1036 Bacillus thuringiensis India
BTCC WDCM 632 Biotechnology Culture Collection Institution Pusat Penelitian dan Pengembangan Bioteknologi-LIPI Indonesia
CBTCCCAS WDCM 793 The Cell Bank of Type Culture Collection of Chinese Academy of Sciences China
CCAM WDCM 1189 China Collection of Anaerobic Microorganisms China
CCARM WDCM 847 Culture Collection of Antimirobial Resistant Microorganisms Korea (Rep. of)
CCATM WDCM 1224 Culture collection of algae at Tarbiat Modares university Iran
CCBAU WDCM 116 Culture Collection, Beijing Agricultural University China
CCDBM WDCM 997 Culture Collection and DNA Bank of Mushrooms Korea (Rep. of)
CCDM WDCM 117 Culture Collection of Department of Microbiology China
CCDM-IM WDCM 1044 Culture Collection of Department of Microbiology-Insect Microbiology China
CCDMBI WDCM 119 Culture Collection, Department of Microbiology India
CCGVCC WDCM 613 China Center for General Viruses Culture Collection China
CCSIIA WDCM 576 Culture Collection of Sichuan Industrial Institute Antibiotics China
CCSM WDCM 891 Culture Collection for Soil Microorganisms Iran
CCTCC WDCM 611 China Center for Type Culture Collection China
CCVCC WDCM 612 China Center For Virus Culture Collection China
CCWM WDCM 896 Culture Collection of Wild Mushroom Korea (Rep. of)
CFCC WDCM 995 China Forestry Culture Collection Center China
CFGR WDCM 903 Center for Fungal Genetic Resources Korea (Rep. of)
CGMCC WDCM 550 China General Microbiological Culture Collection Center China
CHPC WDCM 1221 Center for Human Pathogen Collection, China China
CHPC WDCM 1222 Center for Human Pathogen Collection, China China
CICC WDCM 582 China Center of Industrial Culture Collection China
CICIM WDCM 897 The Culture and Information Centre of Industrial Microoganisms of China Universities China
CIPDE WDCM 462 Collection of Insect Pathogens, Dept. of Entomology India
CISM WDCM 75 NifTAL Rhizobium Collection (Asia Center) Thailand
CM WDCM 1033 Chroococcus minor India
CMBGCAS WDCM 794 Collection of Marine Biological Germplasm China
CMCC(B) WDCM 123 National Center for Medical Culture Collections China
CMKKU WDCM 684 Diagnostic Microbiology Unit Division of Clinical Laboratory Srinagarind Hospital, Faculty of Medicine Thailand
CMM-RNAM WDCM 1011 RNAM Center for Marine Microbiology, CAS; China
CMMC WDCM 865 China Marine Microbe Collection China
CNGBCC WDCM 1199 China National GeneBank Culture Collection China
Colony C WDCM 1167 Culture collection of Microbes/bacteria Bangladesh
CPCC WDCM 955 China Pharmaceutical Culture Collection China
CRC-PUMC WDCM 1088 cell resource center China
CUHK WDCM 68 Biology Department, Chinese University of Hong Kong Hong Kong
CVCC WDCM 876 China Veterinary Culture Collection China
CVCC WDCM 129 Center for Veterinary Culture Collection China
DBKKU1 WDCM 687 Department of Biology, Faculty of Science Thailand
DBKKU2 WDCM 688 Department of Biology, Faculty of Science Thailand
DBKKU3 WDCM 689 Department of Biology, Faculty of Science Thailand
DBMU WDCM 493 Department of Biotechnology, Faculty of Science, Mahidol University Thailand
DBMU2 WDCM 667 Department of Biotechnology, Faculty of Science Thailand
DBMU2 WDCM 763 Department of Biotechnology, Faculty of Science, Mahidol University Thailand
DBS WDCM 510 Department of Biological Culture Collection Singapore
DBUM;IPT WDCM 765 Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya Malaysia
DBUP WDCM 444 Algal Culture Collection Philippines
DBV WDCM 173 Division of Standardisation India
DDBCC WDCM 1185 Dasht Desert Bacterial Culture Collection Iran
DMBUK WDCM 564 Department of Microbiology Sri Lanka
DMCMU2 WDCM 694 Department of Microbiology, Faculty of Medicine Thailand
DMCU WDCM 663 Microbiology Department, Faculty of Science Thailand
DMIV WDCM 64 Department of Microbiology and Immunology Thailand
DMKKU1 WDCM 680 Department of Microbiology, Faculty of Medicine Thailand
DMKKU2 WDCM 681 Department of Microbiology, Faculty of Medical Science Thailand
DMKU WDCM 669 Department of Microbiology, Faculty of Science Thailand
DMMU1 WDCM 666 Department of Microbiology, Faculty of Science Thailand
DMMU3 WDCM 668 Department of Microbiology, Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital Thailand
DMSRDE WDCM 166 DMSRDE Culture Collection India
DMST WDCM 707 Department of Medical Sciences Culture Collection Thailand
DMUIJ WDCM 472 Department of Microbiology Indonesia
DUM WDCM 40 Delhi University Mycological Herbarium India
EDB WDCM 1073 Erythromycin degrading bacteria China
EntoPatho WDCM 1013 Entomopathogen India
EPCQP WDCM 1200 Extremophiles Preservation Center of Qinghai-tibet Plateau China
ERAEP WDCM 706 Radiation Ecology Section, Biological Science Division, Office of Atomic Energy for Peace Thailand
ESBL-Pak-121 WDCM 1022 Extended Spectrum Beta Lactamase-Pakistan-121 Pakistan
EUSL WDCM 616 Eastern University Sri Lanka
FACHB WDCM 873 Freshwater Algae Culture Collection, Chinese Academy of Sciences China
FBGMU WDCM 629 FBGMU Culture Collection Indonesia
FCBP WDCM 859 First fungal culture bank of Pakistan Pakistan
FCBP WDCM 871 First Fungal Culture Bank of Pakistan Pakistan
FFPRI WDCM 1003 Microbial Genetic Resources of FFPRI Genebank Japan
FMB-CC-UAF WDCM 1155 Fungal Molecular Biology Laboratory Culture Collection University of Agriculture, Faisalabad Pakistan
FNCC WDCM 755 Food and Nutrition Culture Collection Indonesia
FPUGMCC WDCM 1206 Faculty of Pharmacy Universitas Gadjah Mada Culture Collection Indonesia
FRIM-MCC WDCM 1129 FRIM Microbial Culture Collection Malaysia
FTCC WDCM 762 Food Technology Culture Collection Malaysia
FTCMU WDCM 690 Department of Food Science and Technology, Faculty of Agriculture Thailand
FUM WDCM 1207 Ferdowsi University of Mashhad Microorganisms Collection Iran
GCC WDCM 1165 Global Collection of Cyanobacteria India
GCL WDCM 295 Central Laboratories Israel
GCMR WDCM 305 Gifu University Center for Conservation of Microbial Genetic Resource (GCMR) Japan
GDMCC WDCM 953 Guangdong Microbial Culture Collection Centre China
GFCC WDCM 946 Goa University Fungus Culture Collection and Research Unit India
GNUHCCP WDCM 984 Gyeongsang National University Hospital Culture Collection for Pathogens Korea (Rep. of)
GSICC WDCM 1219 Gansu Culture Collection Center China
HCCCM WDCM 1097 Heilongjiang Culture Collection Center for Microorganisms China
HGMCC WDCM 1175 Hebei Province General Microbiological Culture Collection Center China
HKUCC WDCM 798 The University of Hong Kong Culture Collection China
HPKTCC WDCM 882 Helicobacter pylori Korean Type Culture Collection Korea (Rep. of)
HUT WDCM 195 HUT Culture Collection Japan
i3LCC WDCM 1137 i3L Microbial Culture Collection Indonesia
IAM WDCM 190 IAM Culture Collection Japan
IAUB WDCM 1257 Islamic Azad University Biobank Iran
IAUB WDCM 1258 Islamic Azad University Biobank Iran
IBRC WDCM 950 Iranian Biological Resources Center Iran
ICBB WDCM 842 ICBB Culture Collection for Microorganisms and Cell Culture Indonesia
ICEBB WDCM 1215 Indonesian Centre for Extremophile Bioresources and Biotechnology Indonesia
IFM WDCM 60 Medical Mycology Research Center, Chiba University Japan
IFO WDCM 191 Institute for Fermentation, Osaka Japan
IFRPD WDCM 676 Institute of Food Research and Product Development, Kasetsart University Thailand
IID WDCM 208 Laboratory Culture Collection Japan
IMOCC WDCM 963 IMO Laboratories Microbial Culture Collection Singapore
IMRCC WDCM 1237 Institute for Medical Research Culture Collection Malaysia
INAC WDCM 1260 The Iranian National Algae Culture Collection Iran
InaCC WDCM 769 Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia, Indonesian Institute of Sciences Indonesia
INACCS WDCM 1254 Iranian National Algae Culture Collection Iran
INACCS WDCM 1255 Iranian National Algae Culture Collection Iran
INTROF-CC WDCM 943 Indonesian Tropical Forest Culture Collection for Microorganisms Indonesia
IPBCC WDCM 1018 Institut Pertanian Bogor Culture Collection Indonesia
IQCC WDCM 1172 Inspection & Quarantine Culture Collection China
IRAN WDCM 939 Iranian Fungal Culture Collection Iran
ISRI WDCM 630 Indonesian Sugar Research Institute, Pusat Penelitian Perkebunan Gula Indonesia Indonesia
ITBCC WDCM 44 Institute of Technology Bandung Culture Collection Indonesia
ITCC WDCM 430 Indian Type Culture Collection India
ITDI WDCM 503 Industrial Technology Development Institute Philippines
JCM WDCM 567 Japan Collection of Microorganisms Japan
JMCC WDCM 1087 Junlebao Microbiological Culture Collection Center China
KACC WDCM 806 KACC, Korean Agricultural Culture Collection Korea (Rep. of)
KBPV WDCM 893 KBPV Korea Bank for Pathogenic Virus Korea (Rep. of)
KCLB/ KCLRF WDCM 850 Korean Cell Line Bank/ Korean Cell Line Research Foundation Korea (Rep. of)
KCOM WDCM 1178 Korean Collection for Oral Microbiology Korea (Rep. of)
KCTC WDCM 597 KCTC Korean Collection for Type Cultures Korea (Rep. of)
KEMB WDCM 889 Korea National Environmental Microorganisms Bank Korea (Rep. of)
KFCC WDCM 585 Korean Federation of Culture Collection Korea (Rep. of)
KKU WDCM 23 MICKKU Culture Collection Thailand
KKU2500-3 WDCM 1045 Cupriavidus taiwanensis Thailand
KMMCC WDCM 894 Korea Marine Microalgae Culture Center Korea (Rep. of)
KoCAM WDCM 1234 Korean Culture collection of Aquatic Microorganism Korea (Rep. of)
KOLABIC WDCM 998 Korean Lichen & Allied Bioresource Center Korea (Rep. of)
KPB WDCM 915 Prostate Tissue and microorganism Korea (Rep. of)
KSTR WDCM 1147 Korea Standard Test Researcher Korea (Rep. of)
KUFA WDCM 1122 Kasetsart University Faculty of Agriculture Thailand
KUFC WDCM 677 Kasetsart University Fungus Collection, Department of Plant Pathology, Faculty of Agriculture Thailand
KVCC WDCM 954 Korean Veterinary Culture Collection Korea (Rep. of)
MACC WDCM 1150 Malaysia Algae Culture Collection Malaysia
MAFF WDCM 637 NARO Genebank, Microorganism Section Japan
MBIC WDCM 831 Marine Biotechnology Institute Culture Collection Japan
MBMU WDCM 665 IMBG Thailand
MBPCMD WDCM 1123 Microbial Bank of the Dr. Panjwani Center for Molecular Medicine and Drug Research Pakistan
MCC WDCM 930 Microbial Culture Collection India
MCC-MN WDCM 1144 Microalgae Culture Collection Mongolia
MCC-UPLB WDCM 39 Microbial Culture Collection Philippines
MCCC WDCM 1051 Marine Culture Collection of China China
MCCF WDCM 1007 Mongolian Cultur Collection of Fungal Mongolia
MCI WDCM 978 Microbial collection of Iran Iran
MCM WDCM 561 MACS Collection of Microorganisms India
mfcc WDCM 970 mycolo fungal culture collection Israel
MFCSCS WDCM 1131 Marine-derived Fungi Collected from South China Sea China
MFLUCC WDCM 1226 Mae Fah Luang University Culture Collection Thailand
MLLD WDCM 702 Microbiological Research Laboratory, Soil and Water Section, Department of Land Development Thailand
MLMJI WDCM 701 Department of Plant Protection, Faculty of Agricultural Production Thailand
MLRU WDCM 695 Microbiology Laboratory, Department of Biology, Faculty of Science Thailand
MMCC WDCM 1008 MARDI Microbial Culture Collection Malaysia
MNCCM WDCM 1188 Mongolian National Culture Collection of Microorganisms Mongolia
MPKV WDCM 448 Biological Nitrogen Fixation Project College of Agriculture India
MPSU WDCM 492 Department of Microbiology Thailand
MRCJ WDCM 1117 Col. Sir R. N. Chopra, Microbial Resource Center Jammu India
MRCKKU WDCM 1130 Melioidosis Research Center, Faculty of Medicine Thailand
MSCMU WDCM 692 Microbiology Section, Chiang Mai University (MSCMU) Thailand
MSCU WDCM 511 Department of Microbiology, Faculty of Science Thailand
MSDS WDCM 494 Microbiology Section, Biological Science Division, Department of Science Services Thailand
MSPP WDCM 704 Mycology Section, Plant Pathology and Microbiology Division, Department of Agricultural Science Thailand
MSSRFCC WDCM 1220 M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation Culture Collection India
MSU WDCM 809 Acetobacter Thailand
MTCC WDCM 773 Microbial Type Culture Collection & Gene Bank India
MTKKU WDCM 685 Department of Clinical Microbiology, Faculty of Medical Technology Thailand
MyxoBank WDCM 996 Myxobacteria Bank Korea (Rep. of)
NAIMCC WDCM 1060 National Agriculturally Important Microbial Culture Collection India
NAIRUMSU WDCM 1160 Natural Antioxidant Innovation Research Unit, Department of Biotechnology, Faculty of Technology Thailand
NBRC WDCM 825 NBRC Culture Collection Japan
NCCP WDCM 852 National Culture Collection for Pathogens Korea (Rep. of)
NCCP WDCM 1010 National Culture Collection of Pakistan Pakistan
NCCPF WDCM 1118 National Culture Collection of Pathogenic fungi India
NCDC WDCM 775 National Collection of Dairy Cultures India
NCIM WDCM 3 National Collection of Industrial Microorganisms India
NCSC WDCM 664 National Center of Streptococcus Collection, Department of Microbiology, Faculty of Medical Science Thailand
NFCCI WDCM 932 National Fungal Culture Collection of India India
NFCCP WDCM 838 National Fungal Culture Collection Of Pakistan Pakistan
NFCCP WDCM 864 National Fungal Culture Collection of Pakistan Pakistan
NIAH WDCM 638 National Institute of Animal Health Japan
NIBH WDCM 746 National Institute of Bioscience and Human-Technology Japan
NIBR WDCM 1116 National Institute of Biological Resources culture collection Korea (Rep. of)
NIES WDCM 591 Microbial Culture Collection at National Institute for Environmental Studies Japan
NIFS-SLCC WDCM 1245 NIFS-Sri Lanka Culture Collection Sri Lanka
NIFSMC WDCM 1251 NIFS Micological Collection Sri Lanka
NIICC WDCM 961 NII Microbial Culture Collection India
NKC WDCM 1078 NOUKOU culture collection Japan
NMCC WDCM 972 North Maharashtra Microbial Culture Collection Centre India
NPRC WDCM 1225 National Pathogen Resource Center, China China
NRIC WDCM 747 NODAI Research Institute Culture Collection Japan
NRPSU WDCM 679 Department of Agro-industry, Faculty of Natural Resources Thailand
NTCCI WDCM 107 Culture Collection, Microbiology and Cell Biology Laboratory India
NU WDCM 696 Department of Microbiology, Faculty of Science Thailand
NUSDM WDCM 568 Department of Microbiology Singapore
OUT WDCM 748 Department of Biotechnology Japan
PBCC WDCM 964 Petroleum Biotechnology Culture Collection Iran
PBF WDCM 633 Perum Bio Farma Indonesia
PCU WDCM 662 Pharmaceutical Sciences Chulalongkorn University Culture Collection Thailand
Phagebank WDCM 992 Bacteriophage Bank of Korea Korea (Rep. of)
PNCM-BIOTECH WDCM 620 Philippine National Collection of Microorganisms Philippines
PPKMI WDCM 699 Plant Production Technology Department, Faculty of Agricultural Technology Thailand
PPKU1 WDCM 670 Department of Plant Pathology, Faculty of Agriculture Thailand
PPKU2 WDCM 671 Department of Plant Pathology, Faculty of Agriculture Thailand
PPKU3 WDCM 672 Department of Plant Pathology, Faculty of Agriculture Thailand
PPKU4 WDCM 673 Department of Plant Pathology, Faculty of Agriculture Thailand
PPKU5 WDCM 674 Department of Plant Pathology, Faculty of Agriculture Thailand
PPKU6 WDCM 675 Department of Plant Pathology, Faculty of Agriculture Thailand
PTCC WDCM 753 Pakistan Type Culture Collections Pakistan
PTCCI WDCM 124 Persian Type Culture Collection Iran
PTTC WDCM 678 Pranakorn Teacher Training College, Department of Biology, Faculty of Science and Technology Thailand
PUMC WDCM 1196 Institute of Medicinal Plant Development, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences & Peking Union Medical College China
PVF WDCM 628 Pusat Veterinaria Farma Indonesia
PVGB WDCM 811 Plant Virus GenBank Korea (Rep. of)
QCC WDCM 1134 Qatari Culture Collection Qatar
RCB WDCM 781 RIKEN Cell Bank Japan
RCEF WDCM 1031 Research Center on Entomogenous Fungi China
RHMU WDCM 15 Department of Pathology, Faculty of Medical Science, Ramathibordi Hospital Thailand
RIB WDCM 640 National Research Institute of Brewing Japan
RIFY WDCM 749 Institute of Enology and Viticulture Japan
RIMD WDCM 301 Research Institute for Microbial Diseases, Research Center for Emerging Infectious Diseases Japan
RITFC WDCM 625 Research Institute for Tobacco and Fibre Crops Indonesia
RRIASR WDCM 617 Fungal Pathogens of Hevea Rubber in Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
RRISL WDCM 1076 Fungal isolates Sri Lanka
RRISLPHEL WDCM 1204 Mahadura Keshani Randika Silva Sri Lanka
SEAMEO WDCM 626 Seameo-Biotrop Indonesia
SKUK WDCM 565 Simpanan Kultur Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
SMRG WDCM 703 Soil Microbiology Research Group, Division of Soil Science, Department of Agriculture Thailand
SP-HS WDCM 1143 Bacillus subtilis. SP-HS Nepal
SPMCC WDCM 624 Sungei Putih Microbial Culture Collection Indonesia
SSCMU WDCM 693 Soil Science and Conservation Department Faculty of Agriculture Thailand
SSKKU WDCM 683 Department of Soil Science, Faculty of Agriculture Thailand
SSMJI WDCM 700 Science Section, Department of General Education, Faculty of Agricultural Business Thailand
SU WDCM 1239 Shahed Iran
SWU2 WDCM 697 Department of Biology, Faculty of Science Thailand
SYSU WDCM 1176 Sun Yat-Sen University culture collection of microorganisms China
TAUFCC WDCM 899 Fungal Culture Collection Israel
TBRC WDCM 1090 Thailand Bioresource Research Center Thailand
TCMM WDCM 661 Thai Collection of Medical Microorganism, Department of Pathology, Faculty of Veterinary Science Thailand
TIMM WDCM 750 Institute of Medical Mycology Japan
TISTR WDCM 383 TISTR Culture Collection, Bangkok MIRCEN Thailand
TSY WDCM 67 Laboratory of Mycology, Division of Microbiology Japan
UCGE WDCM 660 Unit Cell of Genetic Engineering, Department of Biochemistry Thailand
UICC WDCM 563 University of Indonesia Culture Collection Indonesia
UJB WDCM 619 University of Jaffna Botany Sri Lanka
UKKP WDCM 43 Universiti Kebangsaan Kultur Perubatan Malaysia
UKMCC WDCM 1138 Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Centre for Microbial Culture Collection Malaysia
UMACC WDCM 1059 University of Malaya Algae Culture Collection Malaysia
UMFFTD WDCM 562 Food and Fermentation Technology Division, University of Mumbai India
UNJCC WDCM 1145 Universitas Negeri Jakarta Culture Collection Indonesia
UPCC WDCM 310 Natural Sciences Research Institute Culture Collection Philippines
UPMR WDCM 25 Rhizobium Collection Malaysia
USJCC WDCM 1231 University of Sri Jayewardenepura Culture Collection Sri Lanka
USTCC WDCM 1068 Marine Microorganism Collection Hong Kong
USTCMS WDCM 1009 University of Santo Tomas Collection of Microbial Strains Philippines
UT WDCM 1177 University of Tehran Iran
UTMC WDCM 937 University of Tehran Microorganisms Collection Iran
VCCM WDCM 1095 Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology Culture Collection of Microorganisms Viet Nam
VCCPC1HN WDCM 1259 Vietnam Collection CPC1HN Viet Nam
VCIM WDCM 1049 Vietnam Collection of Industrial Microorganisms Viet Nam
VCRC WDCM 144 Volcani Center Rhizobium Collection (VCRC) Israel
VPCI WDCM 497 Fungal Culture Collection India
VTCC WDCM 933 Vietnam Type Culture Collection (VTCC) Viet Nam
WAVA WDCM 993 Waterborne Virus bank Korea (Rep. of)
YEF WDCM 1161 Yew Endophytic Fungus Iran
YM WDCM 832 Strains Collection of Yunnan Institute of Microbiology, Yunnan University, China China
YMF WDCM 1072 Key Laboratory of Industrial Microbiology and Fermentation Technology of Yunnan China
YNU WDCM 1133 Yunnan University China