There are 42 collections in Oceania

Acronym WDCM Number Collection Country
ACAM WDCM 571 The Australian Collection of Antarctic Microorganisms Australia
ACH WDCM 47 Mycology Culture Collection Australia
AHLDA WDCM 334 Animal Health Division Culture Collection Australia
ALIRU WDCM 622 Australian Legume Inoculants Research Unit Australia
AMMRL WDCM 42 Australian National Reference Laboratory in Medical Mycology Australia
ANACC WDCM 532 Australian National Algae Culture Collection Australia
AWRI MCC WDCM 22 AWRI Microorganism Culture Collection Australia
BRIP WDCM 27 Queensland Plant Pathology Herbarium Australia
CB WDCM 57 The CB Rhizobium Collection Australia
CC WDCM 61 CSIRO Canberra Rhizobium Collection Australia
CDDC FJ GEF WDCM 1119 IAS/CDDC Fiji GEF bacterial Collection Fiji
CICCM WDCM 1042 Cawthron Institute Culture Collection of Micro-Algae New Zealand
CPHS WDCM 14 WHO/FAO/OIE Collaborating Centre for Reference and Research on Leptospirosis, Western Pacific Region Australia
DAR WDCM 365 NSW Plant Pathology & Mycology Herbarium Australia
DE-CSIRO WDCM 70 CSIRO Insect Pathogen Culture Collection Australia
DFP WDCM 102 DFP Culture Collection Australia
DMPMC WDCM 454 Department of Microbiology Australia
DWT WDCM 36 Wood Technology and Forest Research Division Australia
FCT WDCM 108 FCT Australia
FRR WDCM 18 Food Science Australia, Ryde Australia
FUSC WDCM 85 Flinders University Smut Collection Australia
ICMP WDCM 589 International Collection of Microorganisms from Plants New Zealand
IFM WDCM 805 IFM Quality Services Pty Ltd Australia
IMVS WDCM 471 IMVS Culture Collection Australia
JCT WDCM 387 James Cook Townsville Australia
KEMH WDCM 11 KEMH/PMH Culture collection Australia
MUACC WDCM 598 Murdoch University Algal Culture Collection Australia
NGR WDCM 356 Plant Pathology Papua New Guinea
NZFS WDCM 62 Forest Research Culture Collection New Zealand
NZRD WDCM 318 New Zealand Reference Culture Collection of Microorganisms, Dairy Section New Zealand
NZRM WDCM 457 New Zealand Reference Culture Collection, Medical Section New Zealand
RM WDCM 764 Rumen Microorganisms New Zealand
RYCC WDCM 111 Roseworthy Yeast Culture Collection Australia
SAITP WDCM 569 School of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences, University of South Australia Australia
SBSFU WDCM 78 School of Biological Sciences Australia
SMTWA WDCM 90 School of Medical Technology Western Australia Australia
TCFB WDCM 802 Tasmanian Collection of Fish Bacteria Australia
VPRI WDCM 851 Victorian Plant Disease Herbarium Australia
WAC WDCM 77 Department of Agriculture and Food Western Australia Plant Pathology Collection Australia
WACC WDCM 452 Western Australian Culture Collection Australia
WAITE WDCM 35 Insect Pathology Pathogen Collection Australia
WM WDCM 1205 Westmead Medical Mycology Collection Australia