There are 48 collections in China

Acronym WDCM Number Collection Region
ACCC WDCM 572 Agricultural Culture Collection of China Asia
AHNU WDCM 1174 Strains Collection of Affiliated Hospital of Nantong University, China Asia
BBESZJU WDCM 1190 bioremediation bacteria at environmental science zju Asia
BFMCC WDCM 863 Beijing Functional Microbiological Culture Collection Center Asia
BNUCC WDCM 1092 The University of Beijing Normal University Culture Collection Asia
CBTCCCAS WDCM 793 The Cell Bank of Type Culture Collection of Chinese Academy of Sciences Asia
CCAM WDCM 1189 China Collection of Anaerobic Microorganisms Asia
CCBAU WDCM 116 Culture Collection, Beijing Agricultural University Asia
CCDM WDCM 117 Culture Collection of Department of Microbiology Asia
CCDM-IM WDCM 1044 Culture Collection of Department of Microbiology-Insect Microbiology Asia
CCGVCC WDCM 613 China Center for General Viruses Culture Collection Asia
CCSIIA WDCM 576 Culture Collection of Sichuan Industrial Institute Antibiotics Asia
CCTCC WDCM 611 China Center for Type Culture Collection Asia
CCVCC WDCM 612 China Center For Virus Culture Collection Asia
CFCC WDCM 995 China Forestry Culture Collection Center Asia
CGMCC WDCM 550 China General Microbiological Culture Collection Center Asia
CHPC WDCM 1221 Center for Human Pathogen Collection, China Asia
CHPC WDCM 1222 Center for Human Pathogen Collection, China Asia
CICC WDCM 582 China Center of Industrial Culture Collection Asia
CICIM WDCM 897 The Culture and Information Centre of Industrial Microoganisms of China Universities Asia
CMBGCAS WDCM 794 Collection of Marine Biological Germplasm Asia
CMCC(B) WDCM 123 National Center for Medical Culture Collections Asia
CMM-RNAM WDCM 1011 RNAM Center for Marine Microbiology, CAS; Asia
CMMC WDCM 865 China Marine Microbe Collection Asia
CNGBCC WDCM 1199 China National GeneBank Culture Collection Asia
CPCC WDCM 955 China Pharmaceutical Culture Collection Asia
CRC-PUMC WDCM 1088 cell resource center Asia
CVCC WDCM 876 China Veterinary Culture Collection Asia
CVCC WDCM 129 Center for Veterinary Culture Collection Asia
EDB WDCM 1073 Erythromycin degrading bacteria Asia
EPCQP WDCM 1200 Extremophiles Preservation Center of Qinghai-tibet Plateau Asia
FACHB WDCM 873 Freshwater Algae Culture Collection, Chinese Academy of Sciences Asia
GDMCC WDCM 953 Guangdong Microbial Culture Collection Centre Asia
GSICC WDCM 1219 Gansu Culture Collection Center Asia
HCCCM WDCM 1097 Heilongjiang Culture Collection Center for Microorganisms Asia
HGMCC WDCM 1175 Hebei Province General Microbiological Culture Collection Center Asia
HKUCC WDCM 798 The University of Hong Kong Culture Collection Asia
IQCC WDCM 1172 Inspection & Quarantine Culture Collection Asia
JMCC WDCM 1087 Junlebao Microbiological Culture Collection Center Asia
MCCC WDCM 1051 Marine Culture Collection of China Asia
MFCSCS WDCM 1131 Marine-derived Fungi Collected from South China Sea Asia
NPRC WDCM 1225 National Pathogen Resource Center, China Asia
PUMC WDCM 1196 Institute of Medicinal Plant Development, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences & Peking Union Medical College Asia
RCEF WDCM 1031 Research Center on Entomogenous Fungi Asia
SYSU WDCM 1176 Sun Yat-Sen University culture collection of microorganisms Asia
YM WDCM 832 Strains Collection of Yunnan Institute of Microbiology, Yunnan University, China Asia
YMF WDCM 1072 Key Laboratory of Industrial Microbiology and Fermentation Technology of Yunnan Asia
YNU WDCM 1133 Yunnan University Asia